Sonntag, 26. März 2017

The Wrath and the Dawn & The Rose and the Dagger

Hi guys, sorry you haven't heared from me lately, but I had to handle stuff and make some decisions.
So here is the playlist for The Wrath and the Dawn Duology! - I plan on writing a Booktalk for this books, but I haven't had the time, yet.

This is the playlist I've been listening to while reading these books.

  1. Beyt Habib - Yara 
  2.  Dayman Ma3ak – Tamer Hosny
  3. Enemy – Zack Knight 
  4. I know you – Skylar Grey 
  5. We Baftekrek – Karim Mohsen
  6.  Maktooba Leek – Elissa 
  7. Maliket El Ehsas – Elissa 
  8. Motamareda – Elissa 
  9. Matenseesh – Ramy Gamal
  10. Te3ebt Menak – Elissa
  11. Wala Baad Senin - Elissa 
  12. Ya Aayoon – Tamer Hosny

   These are mainly arabic songs, because I really love the melody! I hope you like these songs!

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