Sonntag, 23. April 2017

Six of Cows

As I already said in my Instagram post (here), I’ll write a little praise and my thoughts on "Six of Crows". A book by Leigh Bardugo, who amazed me as a writer and person with the ability to make her characters seem to be alive.😊

So, let’s start! 💜

The whole story starts with a situation nobody is prepared for. There is a new drug called jurda parem, which can change a Grisha’s power to a whole, unforeseen level. Result: Grisha’s power changes = sh** goes down.
      After this little journey to chaos which is built because of other people’s stupidity (or at least their ignorance), we are introduced to one of my favourite female characters. INEJ. Let me tell you that much: I LOVE THIS GIRL!💚 And after a while we met Kaz Brekker. I fell in love with him instantly, which was strange. He isn’t nice or even loveable … but I still love him, because of all his quirks and for his special & unique nature (let’s put it this way, shall we).😍
      The story goes on, which I won’t spoiler – that would be mean. AND we got introduced to all the other loveable people ... okay Matthias is not really a character I would call friendly or even nice, but it doesn’t matter. I accepted him. Kind of.😅
      Besides Nina is THE queen. If she likes him, I do, too. And Jasper and Wylan are cute. Especially Jasper. He is so funny and just an enormous flirt, which makes him adorable.
      The character’s development was amazing and I had all the feels -> just saying I got a new favourite OTP … or should I say THREE new OTPs.  😏

About the writing style … Guys, it will BLOW YOUR MIND. I either laughed, screamed or shivered the whole time, because of the anticipation. There are witty jokes, funny dialogs, interesting ways of description and the characters’ thoughts in this story were awesome.
      So of course, I needed to recommend this story to you guys, because it is worth every minute you spend reading it. “Six of Crows” became one of my favourite books and I can’t wait to read “Crooked Kingdom”. But I’m so afraid what is going to happen to my little babies, too. I have the feeling that Leigh Bardugo will mess up my heart … I’m probably right, but I’m still happy I own the second book and the anticipation is still killing me so … who cares if my heart gets shattered …😱💔
      ANYWAYS, I picked it up, because I loved “The Raven Cycle” by Maggie Stiefvater so much and almost everybody said that in this story the characters are just as important as the plot itself. And that is exactly what I’ll tell you now!
READ IT. It doesn’t matter if you like YA, or Fantasy, or books in general. Buy that book and read it. Believe me, you won’t regret it.😚💕

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