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A Court of Thorns and Roses

Okay bookworms let’s do this.

I thought a lot about how to do this, because I recently read the whole trilogy. I wasn’t sure if I should do one book talk for all three books or write and post them separately. I finally decided to post them separately every Sunday. I’ll write down some of the scenes and some of my thoughts about the book and we’ll you can tell me in the comments below what you think. Also, this is going to be VERY spoilery so don’t read it, if you haven’t read the book, yet. Oh yeah, and I’ll maybe curse a little bit … because of certain scenes.
Let’s get this started!

First topic. FEYRE … she is strong and fights for herself and her family. That makes me love her instantly, without further thinking. When she killed that wolf, I just knew that it wasn’t a normal wolf, but I’ve been so confused by all these new terms that I didn’t really care.
Then we get to know Nesta, Elain and Feyre’s father and I wanted to throw the book out my window! I mean what the f*ck?! Why are they so stupid and unthankful? Feyre is the reason they didn’t starved to DEATH and how are they thanking her? You want to know? NOT AT ALL …
After that Feyre is captured … nobody says shit, nobody cares and that’s pretty funny, because they’ll all die without Feyre – but hey WHO CARES as long as this beast isn’t killing them, right?
Then my strong girl is at the Spring Court and let me tell you something. Yes, I’ve been a LITTLE attracted to Tamlin … just a bit. BUT he got on my nerves … he is a sexist and is mostly in love with himself. Also, I have to admit that I knew Rhysand will appear … I also knew that he is a good guy. Spoilers are everywhere and when I read that there are two ships, I had to figure out what’s going on. Don’t judge me. I’m sure you’re doing this, too. Lucien is a meany and acts like Tamlin’s dog.
OH and then he appears. At the end of Chapter 20, if you’ve been curious – I gushed at this entrance. YES, I KNOW that he should be the bad guy … my head knows this, but my heart doesn’t.
He saved her from these stupid faes and talks to her. Spends time with here, while TAMLIN made her stay at his stupid house. NO. I mean I know why, but still.
In general, the whole Calanmai thing, though. Nice thing SJM … so the High Lords gather at a sex party, for this whole energy-earth thing, huh? Nice.
And Tamlin biting Feyre, yeah nice. You’re not even able to tell her that she is pretty and now you’re going all bity bity over her. NOPE.
AND then CHAPTER 26 … I’ve written exactly these two words in my reading journal: “Hellou Rhys” … oh yes hello – and he exactly knows how to make an entrance. And he makes Tamlin kneel and I think that’s cool, because Tamlin is all talking but nothing behind it. SO bye. I also love that Rhys knew what Feyre’s name is, but just accepted the wrong one she gave him. Cool move.
You know what. I’ll skip to the part where Tamlin and the Spring Court is captured by Amarantha, because I can’t stand this love thing between Tamlin and Feyre. It doesn’t feel right.
I’ll just start where Feyre fights the Middengard worm and Rhys bets on her. He knows her strength and that makes me swoon, even if he told Amarantha the name of her sister’s friend and getting her killed ...
Oh and I still think that the way he showed her off, even if he made her drunk first, is sexy ... I just love him … leave me in my puddle of feelings
And as Feyre dies, he his fighting for her. She sees through his eyes (ever thought about why she saw through Rhys eyes and not Tamlins) All this time he has been fighting, while Tamlin just sits around. Okay he killed Amarantha but still … Feyre is resurrected by all the High Lords, and I think that’s cool BUT the goodbye scene is epic. We have no freaking idea what Rhys is planning and how he will act on their bargain. And this little thing where he was shocked and stumbled … I know what it means … do you?

Okay so that was it for ACOTAR … I hope you liked it.
Stay tuned for the ACOMAF book talk next Sunday! See ya!

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