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A Court of Wings and Ruin

This is the last blog post about the ACOTAR series for a while. Like in the previous two book talks, I’m going to ramble and talk about ACOWAR and its scenes. The ones I hate, the ones I love and the ones that shook me the most. This is also VERY spoilery so read at your own risk, sweethearts.
But let’s start with the rambles.

                So Feyre is back at the Spring Court … great. Tamlin is here *vomit* and believes Feyre’s every word, what makes him either REALLY stupid or really in love and therefore oblivious, while Lucien doesn’t trust Feyre, but warmed my heart when he admitted that she was a better friend to him, then he has been to her. That’s true and we all know that.
                Ianthe is there, too. Trying to make herself popular or whatever and making me want to shoot her. I can’t explain how much I loathe her entire existence. AND the fact that he made Lucien sleep with her on Calanmai, what makes Tamlin not only a stupid fiancée but also a bad friend.
                But then Feyre and Rhys talking through the bond is making me so happy, but the fact that it’s harder for them to talk like this made me so suspicious. I mean I know now why it has been like that but I knew from the start that something wasn’t right here.
                Oh and when Feyre made Tamlin jealous with Lucien, I swear I shipped it for a second, I had to and then when this moment was over, I was just like ‘YAAAAAAS IN YOUR FACE TAMLIN!’
                Jurien talking about Rhys made me like him a little bit. People are telling me that Tamlin redeemed himself, but NO – he still didn’t get his temper under control and Rhys being the sweet and cute telling her he wants Tamlin dead. You go, Rhys – you go. And the fact that Alis knows what Feyre is doing, makes me happy too, thank you haha
The killer siblings from Hybern are the reason Feyre’s and Lucien’s power vanishes.
AND THEN – my babies are back, saving Lucien and Feyre, bringing them BACK HOME to our baby Rhys. Let’s skip this whole gushing about Feysand being reunited, the Inner Circle being complete and the Archeron sisters being okay and skip to the part where Cassian argues with Feyre about her leaving. He was devastated and afraid, because Rhysand did the same damn thing many years ago.
                The Bone Carver showing Feyre her and Rhys’ future son is so beautiful. Rhys and Feyre went back to the Court of Nightmares, letting everyone see their new HIGH LADY.
Then there is the scene where the Summer Court is attacked by Hybern and the Inner Circle is fighting for them, but the best is when Tarquin totally isn’t in for Rhys rebellious ways.
My FAVOURITE PART: when the High Lords had a MASSIVE slumber party, because let’s be real. This meet up was exactly that. And yet when Tamlin acts like an asshole, Rhys making him mute, caused a big fat laughter from me … so yeah. And Helion is great, even if later Feyre realizes that he is probably Lucien’s father (who sleeps with Mor btw.).
                And when the Suri reappeared, I was the happiest person. But then Ianthe shows up, ruining everything as usual and Feyre feeding her to the Weaver was exactly the way I wanted her to die. SO, thank you SJM!

Also, Mor being gay is something I totally like over here, because I never shipped her and Az … I’m shipping him with Elain so much, especially after he gave her Truth Teller. Rhys and his speech broke my heart and this whole war thing made me crazy, but I must admit that SJM is really good at describing fight and war scenes.
And then Cassian broke my heart, by saying he’ll see Rhys on the other side … we all know he didn’t mean the other side of the battlefield and I cried like a baby. While Hybern dies I was like: YAS CASSIAN AND NESTA, YEEEEES
Amren left .. leaving us all behind with a freaking hole in our hearts, and don’t you dare say that this didn’t hurt you at all. AND THEN RHYS DIED and I cried out loud, tears dropping on my bed, screaming from the inside and I couldn’t hold back the tears. Feyre made me feel even more like a puddle of feelings. They brought him back … they brought him back and even if people try to convince me that Tamlin redeemed himself my telling Feyre to be happy … NO FREAKING WAY he didn’t … nice, you accepted it good for you Tamlin but you act like an ass most of the time, and one little sentence is never going to change that.
                From there on there is love everywhere … everyone’s happy – and I am too
So that was it for the book talk. I hoped it wasn’t that much of a mess and I hope you all enjoyed it.
Lots of love

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