Sonntag, 11. Juni 2017

Crooked Kingdom

Hi bookworms!
I planned a big fat book talk for Crooked Kingdom today, but I have so MANY scenes that I would want to talk about and it would be too much for one single post. So I’ll simply write down some quotes, some thoughts, some scenes – mostly about Kaz Brekker … but yeah

 “We meet fear. We great the unexpected visitor and listen to what he has to tell us. When fear arrives, something is about to happen.” – Inej POV

Inej got taken away by Van Eck. We all know our Wraith and how much Kaz cares about her, so that we can only imagine, how hard this time was for all of the Dregs.

Kaz is pretty much on edge, like he tried to hurt Wylan – that’s how much he suffers from Inej’s absence. Also, Matthias is getting all flirty and lovey dovey about Nina and Jesper & Wylan flirting makes me so so happy!!

Of course, there were six scenes I will NEVER forget.
1) When Inej told Kaz that she wasn’t sure he would come … man, this was so intense. Like HE was the one who made her believe she couldn’t trust him and he knows that, but still he insists, that he would’ve never not come to rescue her, and we all know that this is true.
2) The talk Inej and Jesper have, after Inej is back.

“This action will have no echo” - Inej

3) When Leigh Bardugo made us all think that Wylan and Jesper finally kissed, just to find out that it was Kuwei Jesper has been kissing.
4) AND THEN the FREAKING BATHROOM SCENES! I couldn’t breathe, like at all. Out of breath. Totally. This was simply amazing.
5) When Wylan and Jesper kiss, this time for real.
6) AND Kaz and Inej at the end … these two make me so happy

Yes, it did hurt, when Matthias died. But I never liked him so much. I didn’t dislike him, because he made Nina happy, but as a character he wasn’t really likeable.

My favourite quote

“And that was what destroyed you in the end: the longing for something you could never have” – Kaz POV

Come on … we ALL know what, or better, who he was thinking about … don’t pretend …

Btw – I RECOMMEND THIS DUOLOGY WITH ALL MY HEART - go buy it and read it … now

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