Mittwoch, 7. Juni 2017

May Wrap Up / June TBR

May Wrap Up

So May has been a crazy month, really. Exams were killing me, presentations suffocating me and I've been close to a mental break down, I swear! BUT May's over now, and June will be worse, so I shouldn't be complaining, right?

I read A LOT, like really, a lot and there have been good ones and bad ones. I got to know Rhysand and Feyre (*gush*) and continued the Shades of Magic series, together with my reading buddy Saskia. I finished the SoC Duology, and I utterly loved it.

So we can say, it has been a pretty good month.

June TBR

Oh June, you are starting off, where May left. Ha ha. No really, don't kill me please. I got TWO WEEKS of hell waiting in June for me, so you can imagine HOW excited I am. For the reading front (let's call it that way, because I don't know another word) I got a lot planned for June. As I'm writing this, I already read "Wo das Dunkel schläft", which is the German edition of "The Raven King" and I finished "Ari and Dante" one or two hours ago (I loved it btw.)

What do you plan to read this month?

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