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The Dream Thieves (Quotes)

The Dream Thieves

“’I am being perfectly fucking civil.’” – Ronan
“’I wish you could be kissed, Jane.’, he said. ‘Because I would beg just one off you. Under all this.’ He flailed an arm towards the stars.”
“If you never saw the stars, candles were enough.” – Blue
“She wore a dress Ronan thought looked like a lampshade. Whatever sort of lamp it belonged on, Gansey clearly wished he had one. Ronan wasn’t a fan of lamps.”
“He was brother to a liar and brother to an angel, son of a dream and son of a dreamer”
“Silence was never a wrong answer.”
“Just her and the pink switchblade. They were a good pair. Both incapable of opening up without cutting someone.” – Blue
“There aren’t terrible ideas. Just ideas done terribly.”
“’When I’m gone,’ Gansey said, pausing, ‘dream me the world’” – Gansey
“A secret is a strange thing. All of us have secrets in our lives. We’re keepers or kept from. Players or played.”
“He hadn’t realized yet that Ganey could persuade even the sun to pause and give him the time.”
“In some parallel universe, there was a Gansey who could tell Blue that he found the ten inches of her bare calves far more tantalizing than the thirteen cubic feet of bare skin Orla sported. But in this universe, that was Adam’s job. He was in a terrible mood.” – Gansey
“Calla readjusted, wrapping the silk around her other thigh instead. ‘Which one’s he again? The pretty one?’ Blue and Gansey exchanged a look. Blue’s look said, I’m so, so sorry. Gansey’s said, Am I the pretty one?
“Arbores loqui latine. The trees speak Latin.”
“Ronan’s second secret was Adam Parrish.”
“’Ronan,’ Noah said, ‘I have a super bad feeling.’
‘It’s called being dead,’ Ronan replied.
“He left Chainsaw behind, much to her irritation. Ronan didn’t want her to learn bad language.”
“’I thought you said scrying was a bad idea.’
‘It’s like vodka,’ Calla said. ‘It really depends on who’s doing it.”
“Adam looked up at Ronan. ‘I know it was you,’ he said. ‘I figured it out. The rent.’ He held Ronan’s gaze for just a moment longer, until something inside Ronan unwound and eh almost said something.”

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